We’d love to go on about all the ways Sunnycrest can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.
Really cares about the people
Amazing community and ownership. Renovated and really cares about the people that stay there.
Great, welcoming place for everyone
I went there as a medication delivery service and when I entered it was a great welcoming place for everyone. Nice staff; great caregivers; amazing marketing professionals. Everyone there had big smiles; it made me feel so welcome so I decided to work there. It feels like a family; I hope to be part of their community.
Raghda Z.
Their sincerity and warmth was above and beyond anything that I expected

My parents moved to Sunnycrest about 2.5 years ago. While my dad was resistant to the move, he immediately bounced back to life at Sunnycrest. Rather than sitting in a chair at home watching the depressing news, he became involved in activities, playing games and being his gregarious self again. My mom also did well with the move to Sunnycrest, but since she was already active outside the home, the change wasn’t so dramatic in her case. 

The staff has been wonderful since the beginning with many of the staff treating my parents as family. It all started with Kristen in marketing who brought my parents in. She was incredibly warm and accommodating to our whole family. The front desk staff also makes me feel this way. Pamela, Debbie, Dora and Gloria are all very efficient while also being very warm. When my dad died, every one of them expressed sincere sympathy. Gloria ran around the desk to hug me; I appreciated all of their sentiments, and that hug, so much. Their sincerity and warmth was above and beyond anything that I expected.

Gloria in housekeeping is also a gem in taking care of things inside my mom’s apartment. I feel that she looks out for my mom and I love the way she used to kid my dad and encourage him. She made him giggle and that delighted me.

I attended one of the large community meetings led by an interim ED when Nick started. Nick impressed me in that meeting and he continues to impress my mother. He’s a man with a mission and his dedication shows. My mom jokes that he gallops from one fix to the next. It’s obvious that he cares deeply about the work that he does.

Elaine in the salon is a particular favorite of my mom. Looking good is so important to feeling good (I’m hearing Billy Crystal’s parody of Fernando Lamas as I write this). I’m so happy that there’s a salon on site and a person running it who cares about her patrons so much. It’s a long standing joke in our family that my mom really benefits from professional hair styling, so we appreciate Elaine soooo much! 😉

My mom has also mentioned what a good job you’re doing, she appreciates how you listen and take action.


Thank you for putting forth extra effort
Just wanted to give the dining room staff a huge shout out for a terrific attitude, day after day. Thank you for putting forth that extra effort for my Mom and for all the residents.
Warm and friendly
The parking was great and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The appearance was warm and friendly. It was a good place and I was impressed.
A wonderful experience
One of the things that really impressed me was that people actually stopped to say hello and asked me if I was coming to tour the community. They also allowed me to ask them questions. It was a wonderful experience.
Great location
This community is in a great location and has a warm, caring staff that are smiling the moment you walk in.
Bright, vibrant, and friendly community
Sunnycrest is a bright, vibrant, and friendly community. Staff and residents are both very welcoming and the building has a modern, airy feeling. Highly recommend!
Good program of activities and outings
Sunnycrest is a lovely community in a great location close to St. Jude’s hospital and doctor offices. The lobby is bright and cheery, staff are experienced and caring. They offer a good program of activities and outings.
People seem genuinely happy
Sunnycrest has a vibrant, welcoming feel the second you walk in the doors! There’s a lot going on throughout the building and people seem genuinely happy. I love this place! Great community, great residents, great staff!
It doesn’t feel like most senior homes – nice apartments
Walking into the lobby of this place made me happy. It’s so cheerful with bright colors and a wall of windows that look out upon a lovely courtyard. It doesn’t feel like most senior homes I have visited but instead like nice apartments with the added benefit of having your meals made for you and great staff that can assist when needed.
Truly one for the books
This community is truly one for the books! From water fountains in the lobby, to the bistro for 24/7 snack availability, they provided such amazing service! The room makes you feel at home. My grandmother loves the place and is always happy when I see her. Five stars!
Sunnycrest is a wonderful option for senior living
I am always greeted by friendly residents sitting outside the entrance. The community has vibrant and updated decor and a lovely central courtyard. Staff members are helpful and seem to enjoy their work. Great proximity to Physician offices and St. Jude Medical Center too.

Now this is living ... senior living!

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